Welcome to Reprogramming!

I'm honored that you're going to join me on this journey. Here's what you can expect next:

First, you should receive an email from me within the next two hours. If you do not, please contact me. This first email will include more information about the program, a few bonus goodies for you, and a link to a short survey so that I can get to know you better.

Second, later this week you'll receive a second email with more information about our first session together, which will be on Monday, October 2 and 4:00pm PST.

Lastly, if you know of anyone else who would benefit from this program, it's not too late to share this with them. Any help you can provide in getting the word out about Reprogramming would be greatly appreciated, and it's always nice to have friends-of-friends in the seminar. 

I know you've got 10,000 different ways to spend both your time and money, and am honored that you're choosing to invest in your future and your career. I look forward to seeing you on October 2!



How to navigate from the military to a successful civilian career with confidence