Simply Manage Your Videos in One Location

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Streamlined Content Management

Manage all of your videos in a single location. VideoGenie provides all hosting, streaming, and storage for your video library. You can choose how and where you would like to display your videos throughout your website.

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Moderate all Submissions

As customers submit videos, review their submissions within your VideoGenie dashboard. You can approve or disapprove each video with a single click. The videos you approve instantly are displayed on your website.


Trigger Based Emails

You can setup templates to notify your customers when you have received their video, approved their video, or disapproved their video.

When you approve a video, you can encourage the customer to share it with their friends. When you disapprove a video, you can provide guidance on why the video was disapproved and what changes they can make to resubmit their video.

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Automated Incentives

Easily reward your community for submitting videos. Within your VideoGenie dashboard you can upload coupon codes, discount codes, and other incentives. VideoGenie will automatically send these rewards as you approve videos, and keep track of which rewards have been used.


Modify or Download Videos

Within your VideoGenie dashboard, you can rotate videos, download videos, and even select a new thumbnail image for your video.