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Small Business Testimonials


  • 55% engagement rate
  • 30% increase in customer conversion
  • 8.4 videos viewed by average viewer
  • 3:28 minute view time by average viewer

How they did it:

How do you use gopayment?

Intuit's GoPayment product allows millions of small businesses to accept payments on the go.

They used VideoGenie to allow small businesses around the world to share more about their business, and how GoPayment was helping them take payments on the go.


customers trust other customers

Not only did the campaign collect incredible video testimonials from hundreds of small businesses, but the testimonials became Intuit's most powerful marketing material.

The impact on customer conversion was incredible, and became a powerful testament to the power of video testimonials.

"These videos are awesome. They're authentic and hit on all our key points in our customer's own words."

           -- Scott Cook, Founder of Intuit