Make it simple for your community to submit high quality video content


Webcam (with time limit)

Your customers can submit videos directly on your website through their computer webcam. VideoGenie uses time constraints to keep them on topic, and make sure their videos are short and sweet. A 3-2-1 counter gives them time to prepare and they can re-record as many times as they'd like.

Once they're happy with their video, they can choose the best thumbnail image for their video. This increases the click-through-rate on their video.


Upload (with optional time limit)

Allow customers to upload their video directly on your website. Accept every file format of video, with the option of restricting submissions to less than a set time limit.

This allows your customers to record videos on camcorders, edit them on their computer, and upload the finished product on your website.


Submit a YouTube Link

Your community can share their video on YouTube, and then submit their video link directly on your website. VideoGenie follows YouTube Terms & Conditions - if you approve their submission, VideoGenie will display their video on your website in the YouTube video player.


Mobile & Tablet Video Submission

Your customers can easily submit videos directly from their mobile devices. They choose whether to record a video directly, or to upload a video they already have on their phone.


Obtain Digital Rights to Use Content

Prior to submitting their video, your customers will enter their name, email address, and any other information you require. They will also have to agree to Terms of Service that grant you the rights to use their video however and wherever you would like.

VideoGenie clients including Levi's and UNICEF have used these videos in commercials. They were able to do so because of VideoGenie's Digital Rights Management system.