Real Customers as the Face of Your Brand

Use your company’s greatest asset to drive the conversation, conversion, and engagement

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The StoryBox

The StoryBox

StoryBox aggregates all forms of earned media – tweets, Youtube videos, posts, Instagram photos, videos and content created directly through VideoGenie technology – on your site, which is then optimized based on our proprietary engagement algorithm.

  • StoryBox Point 1

    See what content drives more sales and engagement, automatically update to feature your most compelling advocates.

  • StoryBox Point 2

    Keep people on your site rather than driving traffic away to un-monetized social channels.

  • StoryBox Point 3

    Easily collect new videos & photos from your community as part of your site experience.

Comprehensive Analytics

The SocialBox

The SocialBox allows you to both display and collect content in the Facebook newsfeed. No need for your customers to go to an app or microsite.

  • SocialBox Point 1

    Make your posts more interactive, by allowing your fans to become part of the commercial.

  • SocialBox Point 2

    Start a conversation with your community around your product, service, or topics important to your fans.

  • SocialBox Point 3

    Reach customers where they spend most of their time – right in the newsfeed!

Comprehensive Analytics

The SoapBox

The SoapBox is an interactive rich media ad that enables video display and collection within a single ad space. This allows you to broadcast your best content across thousands of websites, and collect even more content.

  • SoapBox Point 1

    Use personable and relatable video content to drive more brand awareness.

  • SoapBox Point 2

    Give customers a voice in your ads and allow them to be the star of the commercial.

  • SoapBox Point 3

    Make your ads more interactive and dynamic.

Comprehensive Analytics

Video Galleries

As our name implies, videos are our specialty. We provide a host of video gallery options that are resizable, embeddable, and all encompassing. They’re the perfect fit for video reviews, contests, testimonials, storytelling, and more.

  • Galleries Point 1

    Videos are optimized based on VideoGenie’s proprietary engagement algorithm. The best content gets the most daylight.

  • Galleries Point 2

    Easily integrated into your website and Facebook presence with a single line of JavaScript.

  • Galleries Point 3

    Mobile responsive design for content viewing as well as video recording.

  • Galleries Point 4

    Social tools enable voting, sharing, and engagement.

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