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Collect Videos Anywhere Image

Collect Content Anywhere

  • Video Collector Image

    Content Collector
    Collect content from YouTube, Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest.

  • Webcam Image

    Allow customers to record videos directly to your website, Facebook page, micro-site, Banner ads, sponsored stories, and more.

  • Upload Image

    For customers who would like to edit their videos or photos, they can upload content from their camera, YouTube, webcam, or mobile device.

  • Mobile Image

    Collect videos & photos on mobile web – no app required.

  • Email Image

    Customers can email their videos and photos directly to your moderation dashboard.

  • Bandwidth & Storage Image

    Bandwidth & Storage
    VideoGenie handles the bandwidth, storage, and streaming costs of all of your content.

Make Video Simple

Make Video Simple

  • Time Limit Image

    Time Limit
    Avoid having to edit videos by setting a max time limit for each video.

  • Prompt Image

    Make it clear what sort of content you’re looking for.

  • Inline Support Image

    Inline Support
    If customers experience any problems, they can receive help within the recorder.

  • Ownership Image

    Obtain legal ownership of all content submitted.

  • Review & Curation Image

    Review & Curation
    Improve the quality of videos by allowing the recorder to review and correct their video.

  • Countdown Timer Image

    Countdown Timer
    Give customers time to prepare and get ready for their big debut with our countdown timer.

Data-Driven Display

Data-Driven Display

  • KPI Measurement Image

    KPI Measurement
    Measure the performance of your campaign and each unique piece of content to see what is driving the conversation and conversions an all of your digital channels.

  • Dynamic Content Display Image

    Dynamic Content Display
    Content is optimized based on VideoGenie’s proprietary engagement algorithm. The best content gets the most daylight.

  • Configurable Display Units Image

    Configurable Display Units
    Choose what display is best for your page, application, and site with easy to install widgets.

Brand-Safe Video

Brand-Safe Content

  • Disapproval Templates Image

    Disapproval Templates
    When content is disapproved, our system notifies the user of the reason why, so they can correct the deficiency and provide you with the type of content you’d like.

  • Social Gaming Emails Image

    Social Gaming Emails
    As content is approved, our system notifies each customer of how their content is performing, encouraging them to share with their friends by highlighting leaderboards, potential to win incentives, and tips on how to improve their score.

  • Auto-Approval Process Image

    Auto-Approval Process
    You can allow your community to moderate your content through a series of flags.

Comprehensive Analytics

Comprehensive Analytics

  • Score Your Content Image

    Score Your Content
    Measure the performance of your campaigns as well as each individual piece of content to see what is driving the conversation and conversion on all of your digital channels.

  • Real-Time Results Image

    Real-Time Results
    With each page load, VideoGenie selects the best content to display to each unique visitor based on our proprietary engagement algorithm.

  • Turn-Key Display Galleries Image

    Turn-Key Display Galleries
    Choose what content display output is best for your page, application, and site with easy to install widgets.

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