With VideoGenie, ShoeDazzle found an easy, cost-efficient solution to create a customer-contributed video campaign.


As a fashion brand that is centered entirely on understanding each member’s personality and style, showcasing each member in her own unique voice is essential. As a client services-oriented company, ShoeDazzle needs to make sure each member knows that her unique input is valued. As an ecommerce company with a unique model that most have never experienced before, building trust and credibility is key. New members need to not only see the styles, they need to see other members delighted by them.

VideoGenie Solution

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By 2010, ShoeDazzle had a million fans on Facebook. The company’s founders wanted to build on that momentum but recognized that some people might have some trepidation about joining a new kind of monthly service that seemed a lot different than just browsing for shoes online. “We wanted to find another way to have transparency for people—that there is a real service behind it,” says Eng. Rather than hiring celebrity endorsers, the company decided to let
real customers explain what they like about ShoeDazzle with short webcam video—enter VideoGenie!

“We love that it’s so real. We believe that the more real people we show, the more ShoeDazzle feels like a true community. Our customers are truly passionate about our products, and it comes through in our videos” says Hope Neiman, Chief Marketing Officer of ShoeDazzle.


Visitors to the site watched an average of nine videos per session for a total of more than three minutes of video. Every day, more than 2,000 videos are viewed on the site. Each month,

ShoeDazzle saw 85,000 engagements and 1,000 member sign ups. The company also found that people are much more likely to sign up if they have seen a video than if they have not. “Real people are talking about the service, using their own words. It’s not marketing speak,” says Eng. In the first month, more than 70,000 videos were viewed online. The website had 2.4 million monthly visitors in March following the video promotion, up from 956,000 two months prior.

One of the top ShoeDazzle testimonials, for instance, has been viewed more than 48,000 times. In it, an enthusiastic woman fawns over a studded blue high-heeled shoe. “What surprised me most was the quality,” she says. “I love the detail. I love the pretty pink and cute bag that you sent.” No spokesmodel could have said it better.

Result Summary

  • 9 videos watched on average per viewer per session
  • 3 minutes average video engagement time
  • 1,000 customer conversions per month
  • 70,000 engagements per month


  People who have never tried ShoeDazzle are nervous because it’s something they aren’t familiar with. They want to see real people who look like their friends talk about ShoeDazzle, holding up their shoes and saying they love them”

-Hope Neiman, Chief Marketing Officer

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