With VideoGenie, Levi’s Facebook fans were proud to create and share a video of someone who inspired them.


With a passionate, dedicated audience of millions of people all around the world, the Levi’s® brand recognized an immense opportunity to engage and capture the spirit of its fans. As part of its broader digital initiative, Levi’s® embarked on a campaign called “Shape What’s to Come,” a program aimed to inspire and unite women across the world around their passions, experiences and causes. Levi’s® sought to gather real-world, personal anectodes that answered the question: “Who Insipres You?”

VideoGenie Solution

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Using VideoGenie’s simple platform, Levi’s® harnessed the unparalleled authenticity of video to create an application on their Faceboook page. Fans visiting the page could easily record and post 15-second videos dedicated to somone who had inspired them, which became part of the video gallery.

VideoGenie’s analytics identified and featured the videos that fans loved the most. Fans tagged themselves and the person who inspired them. Their video was posted to both Facebook walls and then virally shared. Levi’s® engaged their loyal customers and inspired new customers to become fans of Levi’s.®


New customers were truly inspired— 4% of those who visited the Levi’s® site to watch their friend’s video recorded their own video. Levi’s® engaged their loyal customers and inspired new customers to become fans of Levi’s® resulting in 98,000 new Facebook fans.

Result Summary

  • 88% of customers who recorded videos shared their video on Facebook
  • 98,000 new Facebook fans acquired in 3 weeks
  • 5% of friend’s viewers recorded a video
  • 2 hours of video content collected, which was used to create a poignant ad


 We empowered fans to share their stories of inspiration in authentic voice.  None of this would have been possible without VideoGenie.”

-Gareth Hornberger, Digital Marketing Manager
The Levi’s Brand

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