Bud Light uses VideoGenie to garner epic fan engagement and participation while finding the ideal spokesperson for the 2012 Super Bowl.


Each year at the Super Bowl, the Bud Light Hotel serves as a gametime centerpiece, serving up beer, great concerts and exciting parties with celebrities.  In 2012, Bud Light wanted to tie in the on location activities with their online properties through a fan reporter.

VideoGenie Solution

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 4.08.23 PMBud Light partnered with VideoGenie to create an online job application on Facebook. The application process required fans to record 30-second videos explaining why they might be the ideal Hotel
Correspondent. The winner would be awarded a trip to the Super Bowl to broadcast happenings at the Bud Light Hotel.

Once Bud Light issued the casting call via Facebook, this campaign sparked the imaginations of hundreds of viewers who tapped into their own creativity to pitch themselves as the ideal spokesperson via video. Since the prize depended both on how compelling their pitch was as well as how popular their video was, participants leveraged VideoGenie’s social sharing tools to promote their video.


With a modest media spend and four Facebook wall posts, VideoGenie enabled Bud Light fans to record hundreds of videos that resulted in over 2 minutes of viewing time per user. Additionally 25 Super Influencers each drove over 1,000 of their friends to the campaign, helping to increase Bud Light’s Facebook fan base by 8% (over 180,000 fans) in 30 days with over 70% of page traffic coming from organic sharing.

Result Summary

  • 25 super influencers who shared with 1,000+ of their friends
  • 2 minutes on average viewing time
  • 70% of page traffic was from organic sharing
  • 180,000 new Facebook fans gained (8% of fan base)


 The Hotel Correspondent campaign is the most successful User Generated Content campaign that Bud Light has ever run.”

-Winston Wang, Global Director Strategic Innovation
Anheuser-Busch InBev

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